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Abnormal Amounts of Sweat For Teens

If you’re a teen or tween, or if you’re a parent, coach, teacher, or mentor, maybe you’re wondering what’s “normal” teen sweating and what’s not?

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Stress and Excessive Sweat

Since 1992, The Health Resource Network has celebrated Stress Awareness Month every April. Their mission is to spread awareness about the causes and cures for the modern stress epidemic across the United States.

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When To See A Doctor When Sweating Too Much

Summer weather is here and the temps are soaring. Look around. On the subway, at the gym, in the park, there’s certainly more sweat around than there was a few months ago.

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Survey: What American Men Think About Excessive Sweating

Believe it or not, men struggle with body image issues – and they’re fessing up about one in particular.

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Hyperhidrosis PSA: Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom

Check out our new public service announcement about hyperhidrosis, featuring Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom.

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Women’s Health: Why Do Some People Sweat Way More Than Others?

This article explains why some people sweat excessively and how they can control it on an every day basis, especially with an antiperspirant like Certain Dri.

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Men’s Fitness: The Best Antiperspirants for Men 2016

Whether men are hitting the gym, stressing at the office or kicking it outside during the warm summer months, there is one thing in common: they are sweating, and most likely excessively.

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Daily Makeover: 6 Fragrance-Free Beauty Products for When You’d Rather Not Smell Like a Garden

Editors at the Daily Makeover share the best fragrance-free products with their readers.

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Faveable: 11 Best Deodorants & Antiperspirants for Women

Faveable is a known source for ranking the best products in several categories. They tested hundreds of antiperspirants and deodorants to find the cheapest, best smelling, most natural deodorants out there.

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Consumer Search: Deodorant Reviews

Consumer Search aims to eliminate the dreaded “buyer’s remorse” by recommending the right product for any lifestyle and budget.

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